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Crazy Scarface Concept
Lately I use more and more Zbrush (3d application) for my “sketches” instead of a pencil. It has no special reason why I do this, it’s not better nor worse than doing a sketch with a pencil, it’s just more fun to me at the moment :-).
AND is has some advantages, once you sculpted the model you can turn it around in any direction and choose the best for your final image, you also can play with light and see which light is the best for the mood you are looking for.
Zbrush is great for things like that as you don’t have to fight with all the technical aspects of 3d modeling, you can just sculpt as you would do it with clay in the real world.
Now as I’m not really a 3d modeler and do it just for fun and my own pleasure, my models are not clean concerning the topology and things like that, BUT they are good enough to give me a solid base for my further painting work.

In the example above you can see how I used it to do a t-shirt design for Spiral Direct. We were going for an evil looking guy with scars similar to the one the Joker has, but it shouldn’t look like the Joker, the guy really should look evil with a further scar through his eye and he should not look comic.
The upper design you see here was to comic and not what we were going for, so I did a second sculpt with a not too much stylized face but enough to make him look crazy and dangerous.
Zbrush helped here a lot as you even can paint directly on the 3d mesh and add the colors so we had a good idea how he will look in the finished design. We choose the angle that we liked to have in the final illustration and the light.
I did a high resolution render and used it as the base for the painting work.
You can see the final design at the bottom and you’ll see that there’s done a lot of 2d work to finalize the design, but there’s still the 3d base which helped a lot to get this piece done.

Thought I post something like that for those are interested to see some really unusual way to do a painting :-))…
Hope you like
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Album name:Concept Art / Character Art / Ingame Art
Copyright:Uwe Jarling / Spiral Direct