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Winged Vamp
She’s a creature out of the dark, waiting for her next victim…

Explore the making of the picture and have a look at the Winged Vamp Tutorial
Or how to achieve a more or less natural media oil/acrylic painting look with digital media by Uwe Jarling.

This tutorial shows how I work to achieve a more traditional media look with my digital paintings. The tutorial shows how I work using Painter and Photoshop to achieve this goal. I’m not sure if it will work using Photoshop alone as Photoshop does not offer the brushes and possibilities like Painter does, what does not necessarily mean you can’t achieve such results using Photoshop alone, it does only mean I am not able to achieve it using Photoshop alone :-). To make a long sentence short, this tutorial shows the way I work with Painter, I only use Photoshop for color corrections and sharpening. Sharpening will be most important at the end as it actually gives the picture the “right feel”, but learn more by following the link:

Picture information
Album name:Fantasy/Science Fiction
Copyright:Uwe Jarling