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Poser Morph Test1
This one was a really fun test. As you may know I got myself ZBrush (a 3d/2,5d/2d mix, a really awesome software). So for this test I took a poser model (Viki3) out of Poser and took it into ZBrush where I changed the mesh of the figure to my own needs, which would be a not too exiting thing, BUT, I’m now able to bring the changed mesh back into poser and use it as a fullbodymorph, which means I can apply the changed mesh to a Poser figure which is than fully poseable without having to rig and apply a bone structure to it. This means I can create my very own Poser figures now! I didn’t like Poser too much as you (better said I) just could pose existing Poser figures. I always felt it was just not right to just use a figure which someone other has created, just pose it and use it for my own needs. Now I am able to do my very own poser figure, no matter how wired they are, I’m now really completely free to use my own creations in Poser. This sure will cause in the fact that I probably will do some images using my won 3d creations ;-).
However what you see above is my very first test to create my own poser morph. I currently really enjoy playing around with 3d applications, thanks ZBrush.

Just hope I don’t bore you to death uploading all those tests and sketches, but as I currently learn many new things concerning 3d applications I don’t have to much “painted” stuff to upload ;-)…
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Album name:Sketches/Ideas
Medium:digital/ ZBrush-Poser
Copyright:Uwe Jarling