Featured in 3D Hobbymag

Just got the notification the brand new magazine "3D Hobby Mag" is available.
There's a really in depth interview with me which describes pretty well
how and why I came from traditional art to digital art and even to 3d
Other than that you can see some of my work, 2d as well as 3d in the
magazine. My image "Frankense...ins Bride" is featured as the cover art.
So if you're interested in 3d art (and there's some really great stuff in the mag), or in my interview go and get you a copy :-)
It's available as Pdf download and as far as I know as printed version as well.

3D Hobby Mag

Featured in The Fantasy Illustrators Technique Book
Happy that some of my work got featured in Gary A. Lippincott's Fantasy Illustrators Technique Book, a heavily illustrated, highly detailed instruction manual for art students seeking professional entry in the fantasy art field and for everyone loving fantasy art!

Featured in Exposé 6
The finest international collection of Digital Art.

I'm really happy my picture "Demonic Evocation" made it into this fantastic book.

Here's what the publisher has to say about the book:

Celebrate the World's finest new digital art. Exposé 6 is our latest Digital Art Yearbook featuring 'the best of the best'. With 334 inspiring images prepared by 257 artists from 43 countries, you will discover the very best work across 20 different categories.

Judged by industry leaders, Exposé 6 is a truly international collection!

Featured in "Fantasy Art Now"
The Very Best in Contemporary
Fantasy Art & Illustration.

I’m really happy some of my work got featured in “Fantasy Art Now” which is really one of the best fantasy art books that I’ve seen in a long time and not just cause I’m in, it’s really a collection of today’s most awesome artwork.

And here’s what the publisher says about the book:

Edited by Martin McKenna.
Foreword by Boris Vallejo.
The Very Best in Contemporary
Fantasy Art & Illustration.

A collection of some of the finest, freshest and most exciting talents in the world of fantasy illustration. This volume is filled with brawny barbarians, fearless females, fairies, monsters and all sorts of fantastic imagery. An interesting mix of traditional and digital media is presented in the wide range of artwork from talented artists such as: Anne Stokes, Uwe Jarling, Clint Langley, Matt Stawicki, Donato Giancola and more!

Title Story feature in ImagineFX

"100 new ways to paint" a mammoth feature in the August Edition of ImagineFX.
ImagineFX gathered over 20 of the worlds best fantasy and sci-fi artists to share our ideas, philosophies, working methods and techniques in order to bring you the ultimate guide to digital painting. Well I know this is a bold statement, but you"ll definitely will find some awesome tips and tricks reading this 16 page feature.
For me it was a very special pleasure to be in this feature together with so many of my friends in art whom I so much admire.

So if you are interested in digital art, go and get your copy, it's definitely worth it!

ImagineFX Homepage

Featured in “The Art Of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos”
Exotique 2
The Art Of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos

Some of my paintings I did for the Fantasy Flight Games CCG “A Call Of Cthulhu” are featured in this wonderful book. One piece I did exclusively for the book as a two page illustration, well most my paintings appearing in the book are two page or at least one full page sized. So if you want to see some of my stuff printed "big size" and not only the size of those tiny cards, go and get yourself the book, you won’t be disappointed as the art in this wonderful collection is really amazing!

Here’s what the publishers says about the book:

The Art of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos is a journey into the dark and haunting images inspired by the books and stories of the Cthulhu Mythos. H.P. Lovecraft's stories have fueled the imaginations of hundreds of authors and countless readers, with their suggestions of ancient and terrible beings beside which humankind is insignificant, and the horrible truths that our minds are not meant to know. Now, for the first time, the art inspired by these classic tales of horror is collected in one lavish volume, featuring paintings and drawings by some of today's most talented artists, including Michael Komarck, Torstein Nordstrand, Paul Carrick, Anders Finer, and dozens of others.

So if you are somehow interested in H.P. Lovecraft, go get your copy, it’s really worth it.

Featured in EXOTIQUE 2
Exotique 2

Amazon and Dragon” is featured in EXOTIQUE 2 (The world’s most beautiful CG characters)

I’m really happy that my work got featured in this fabulous collection of wonderful character art.

And here’s what the publisher says about the book:
”Experience a completely new collection of the world’s most beautiful digital characters. EXOTIQUE 2 is the second volume of the best computer generated characters in the known universe. With 18% more artwork than the original, EXOTIQUE 2 features 269 artworks by 168 artists from 38 countries. Printed to the high standards that Ballistic Publishing is renowned for, you’ll be astonished by the original character art in EXOTIQUE 2. Be inspired!“

Get your own copy of this fantastic book here:

Atathoth Tutorial in Martin McKenna’s Digital Horror Painting Workshop
Digital Horror Painting Workshop

A pretty detailed digital painting tutorial of my Azathoth piece appears in Martin McKenna’s Digital Horror Painting Workshop. Thanks to Fantasy Flight Games (owners of the copyright of most of the pieces appearing in the book) allowing me to give some pieces to Martin for inclusion in the book.
What really makes me happy about the inclusion in the book is having my work published together with the work of some of my best artist friends, such like Matthew Bradburry, Simon Dominic and not to forget Martin McKenna and many more.

And here’s what the publisher has to say about the book:
Horror imagery has appeared in many and varied forms throughout its long tradition, from the whimsical American Gothic of Charles Addams to the erotic, biomechanical nightmares of HR Giger. Now, with the latest digital applications, artists are able to realize nightmare visions that are more realistic and more terrifying than ever.

Digital Horror Painting Workshop demonstrates how to use these latest digital techniques to create artwork in a wide variety of horror styles. It employs detailed step-by-step tutorials, analysis of spectacular finished paintings, fascinating work-in-progress drawings and sketchbook pages from leading artists working at the forefront of illustration, comic book art, and computer game and movie production design. Each section offers a guide to the creative process, from inspiration and initial sketches to fully rendered horror scenes.

Digital Horror Painting Workshop is a must-have for anyone wanting to create evocative horror paintings – or for anyone who delights in the frisson of fear evoked by supernatural imagery at its very best.

So all you have to do now is go and get your own copy of this amazing book :-).
Digital Horror Painting Workshop

Featured in EXPOSÈ 4

Yesssss!!! I made it into Exposè 4, that’s just too cool. Both pieces I submitted made it in, the first one is “The old man and his trusty friend” and the second one is “Come if you dare”. I’m really pretty happy that my work made it into such a collection of amazing artwork.

Here’s what the publisher says about the book:

"See the best to be the best. Every year, Ballistic Publishing brings together the world’s leading digital artists to create EXPOSÉ, a compilation of the finest digital art in the known universe. In its fourth year, EXPOSÉ 4 celebrates the talents of artists worldwide, featuring 317 artworks from 241 artists in 49 countries, selected from over 5,000 submissions. With EXPOSÉ 4, you can own the best digital art in a book of exceptional quality. You will be inspired by the amazing skills of the artists.
EXPOSÉ 4 covers a wide spectrum of digital art, showcasing works in 20 categories: Fantasy, Exterior Architecture, Interior Architecture, Portrait (Painted), Portrait (Rendered), Action, Conflict, Faery Folk, Creatures, Environment, Cityscapes, Matte Painting, Science Fiction, Abstract & Design, Product Design & Still Life, Horror, Surreal, Humorous, Whimsical and Transport."

So now go and get your copy


Featured in
The New Masters of Fantasy 3

Just got the notification that the New Masters of Fantasy 3 is officially released.
You will find some of my best work from the last year featured in Volume 3 of this amazing collection of fantasy artwork. Visit and don’t miss to get your copy!
Read more about New Masters of Fantasy in my NEWS section.


Featured in ImagineFX

This time you will find two full size illustrations from me, and a little biography.
And let me tell you it’s really a great feeling to be published in this amazing magazine among all the other stunning artists in there.
Learn more or get your copy of Imagine FX here:
Imagine FX


Artist Profile appears in Imagine FX

little artist profile about the “Renderosity Artist of the Month” appeared in the second issue of the brand new digital art magazine Imagine FX.

To read more about it and to read the article please go to my NEWS section.


Featured in
The Art Of George R.R. Martin’s
A Song Of Ice And Fire”

Just got a copy of the book “The Art of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire” from Fantasy Flight Games. I didn’t know that some of my work was selected for the book, so it came as a much appreciated surprise to me. Think it is not necessary to say that I really feel enormously happy to see my work among all the other great artists shown in the book. So what shall I say, thanks Mr. Martin :-) and Fantasy Flight Games!

“Some of the greatest talents in fantastic art invite you to explore the lands of Westerors and beyond as never before. From the frozen wilderness beyond the Wall to sun-kissed Dorne, and from the rugged and brutal Iron Islands to the exotic East, the breathtaking sights and memorable characters of George R. R. Martin’s best-selling fantasy series are brought to life in this unique compilation.

The Art of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire features lavish and lovingly crafted illustrations by renowned fantasy artists such as Jim Burns, John Howe, Ted Nasmith, Steve Stone, Charles Vess, Stephen Youll, and many more. The unforgettable images in this volume are drawn from book covers and special editions, comic books, board and card games, concept art, and fan art personally selected by George Martin from the thousands of illustrations that have been inspired by his work.”

To learn some more about the book, or to order it please follow this link:

Fantasy Flight Games

Have a great time

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