Dear Interested!

Some may ask themselves: ‘What the hell is going on with that portfolio section on this site when there is almost everything in the gallery section?’ Well, the idea behind it is, that this section is supposed to be a kind of ‘pool’ of my best work, something you may call the ‘state of my art’. I think people of any professional interest do not really care about what I have done when I was about 10 or 15 years of age. Those things definitely would not lead to any commission today. But I just want to get even things like that uploaded into my gallery. I hope, the portfolio will make the whole process of checking ‘what that guy really can do for us’ much easier!

So professionally interested may prefer browsing this portfolio section in order to get familiar with current state of my art!

The portfolio section currently consists of three parts:



-Published Work

You may enlarge the images just by clicking on it. After enlarging the images, you will find additional information about the image.

If you are interested in seeing some of my already published work, feel free to browse the “Published Work” section.