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<body bgcolor="black" text="white" link="white" vlink="white" alink="white" name="value"> <h2><font size="4" color="white" face="Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular"><b>Fantasy Art</b>, Fine Art, Illustration<br> Welcome to the Official Homepage of <b>Fantasy Artist Uwe Jarling</b><br> <br> <br> </font><font size="2" color="white" face="Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular">Dear Interested!<br> <br> </font><font size="2" color="white" face="Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular">Some may ask themselves: &#x2018;What the hell is going on with that portfolio section on this site when there is almost everything in the gallery section?&#x2019; Well, the idea behind it is, that this section is supposed to be a kind of &#x2018;pool&#x2019; of my best work, something you may call the &#x2018;state of my art&#x2019;. I think people of any professional interest do not really care about what I have done when I was about 10 or 15 years of age. Those things definitely would not lead to any commission today. But I just want to get even things like that uploaded into my gallery. I hope, the portfolio will make the whole process of checking &#x2018;what that guy really can do for us&#x2019; much easier!<br> <br> </font><font size="2" color="white" face="Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular">So professionally interested may prefer browsing this portfolio section in order to get familiar with current state of my art!<br> <br> </font><font size="2" color="white" face="Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular">The portfolio section currently consists of three parts:<br> <br> <br> </font><font size="4" color="white" face="Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular"><b><a title="COVERART" href="coverart/coverart_01.html" target="_self">COVERART</a></b></font><font size="2" color="white" face="Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular"><br> <br> <br> </font><font size="4" color="white" face="Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular"><b><a title="CARDART" href="cardart/cardart_01.html" target="_self">CARDART</a></b></font><font size="2" color="white" face="Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular"><br> <br> <br> </font><font size="4" color="white" face="Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular"><b><a title="PUBLISHED WORK" href="published/publishedi.html" target="_self">PUBLISHED WORK<br> </a></b></font><font size="2" color="white" face="Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular"><br> <br> </font><font size="2" color="white" face="Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular">You may enlarge the images just by clicking on it. After enlarging the images, you will find additional information about the image.<br> <br> </font><font size="2" color="white" face="Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular">If you are interested in seeing some of my already published work, feel free to browse the &#x201C;Published Work&#x201D; section.<br> <br> </font></h2> <p></p> </body>
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