Pricing for custom work


This is a rough pricing guide. Each custom cover is individually priced according to the amount of work that will go into it and doesn't necessarily fit with the prices shown - this is a guide only to give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay for custom work.


Euro 400 - Ebook using stock images and small amount of digital painting.

Maximum one character.

Additional paperback Euro 80


Euro 500 - Ebook using stock images, Max 2 characters (ie male/female or person/dragon etc) Moderate painting.

Additional Paperback Euro 90

Uwe Jarling has a vast stock base of items he's created in 3d modeling program ZBrush.

These are particularly useful for icons/weapons.


Euro 600 - Ebook using unlimited stock photos and 3d products with maximum digital painting.

Option for complex font work included in the price.

Additional paperback Euro 100


Starting from Euro 900 - no stock, a complete illustration by Uwe Jarling.

Additional paperback Euro 120


Euro 100 - Banners made using existing images that we've created

Audio covers - Euro 90 if using the existing image already created for ebook/paperback

Euro 150 - Unique banner - not using a cover we've already created.

Euro 40 - Option for complex font work - this is included in the gold price at no charge.

Custom designs/icons - pricing to be given depending on technicality and requirements.

NOTE: 50% required before commencement of custom work.
To secure an appointment a not refundable Euro 100 is required.

NB: All work is invoiced in Euros